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How is laminate floor produced?

Experienced the development of industry 10 years, China already transformed from the importing country of  Laminate Flooring into an export big country, in this change process, Laminate Floor also entered common person home from at the outset luxury. But explosive growth also produced a few negative effect, because the production process of laminate flooring is not complex, a few small workshop also mount horse in succession, bring about the market to be filled with a large number of inferior products. So, how are these floors actually made? What distinction does the low price inferior board of the famous brand product of big factory and small workshop have again?

Laminate flooring production process

Actually, the production process of aggrandizement wood floor is basically same, also do not resemble in the imagination so complex and mysterious. Today we will take you to the workshop of Haidi floor to have a look at the entire production process of the floor. In this way, you will not be in the future when buying sales staff boasting such as falling into the clouds, the selection will also have rules to follow.

The production process

Raw material inspection warehousing - Press paste - anise-health maintenance - slotting - small plate health maintenance - slotting molding - packaging - storage of finished products (quality inspection throughout the whole process)

The raw materials from top to bottom mainly include wear resistant layer, decorative paper wear resistant layer, base material and balance layer. No matter real wood floor or aggrandizement wood floor, the choice of material is the foundation that decides product quality.

Wear-resisting layer

Wear-resisting layer is the wear-resisting agent that presses evenly on the surface layer of aggrandizement wood floor, this wear-resisting agent is to distribute 3 oxidation 2 aluminium evenly in thin film form, have better wear-resisting sex and heat insulation flame retardant sex. The internal factors that affect the revolution of wear resistance are mainly the content of aluminum oxide, the thickness of the surface film and the processing technology. The wear-resisting layer that big factory chooses is usually clear, transparent, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium are distributed even, because this floor is in use process, wear not easily.

Decorative paper

The patterns we see on the aggrandizement wood floor are actually decorative paper textures. Decorative paper is divided into domestic decorative paper, imported decorative paper and pure imported decorative paper. Dachong usually chooses imported decorative pattern paper with clear decorative pattern, small color difference and uniform thickness. And small workshop chooses relatively poor domestic adornment paper more, its cost wants lower 50% even a few times, but grain is coarser, easy fade, stick fastness is poor.

Base material

Although aggrandizement wood floor does not resemble real wood floor to do not have extremely tall requirement originally, but the fibreboard that serves as base material can affect product quality fundamentally however.

Artificial high density fiber-board needs to decompose harmful material with special processing means, because this glue formula and make craft are crucial, and the formaldehyde that aggrandizement wood floor makes a person pay attention to most also is released amount is decided by this link. Usually, large factories will choose the raw materials when they enter the factory. Ti fat sail? Material, its harmful material content is little, the index such as density, bibulous thickness, grain size and even degree is better, the floor that makes also level off, not easy be out of shape.

Balance layer

Good balance layer harmful material content is little, have good moisture proof and flame retardant action, resistance to pull force is good, can assure the stability of floor appearance and perfect, floor edge horn also rises not easily become warped, wear. And the balance layer of part small workshop is made with recycled paper, quality is very difficult to guarantee, some still have peculiar smell.

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