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Advantages and disadvantages of laminated floor

Is laminated floor good?Comprehensive analysis of theadvantages and disadvantages of laminated floor.

Is Laminate Floor good? This is a lot of customers who choose to buy the first floor will ask this question. To answer thisquestion, you should know what is Laminate Floor first of all, how it is produced. Popular expression is colophony layer lay  on base material of MDF board, the back side adds balance layer, the front adds wear-resisting layer, again technology handling and then finished products.

Is laminate floor good? Let’s see the principle first.

According to the popular term, laminate floor should be referred to as the "impregnated paper laminated wood floor" -- the name explains the essence of laminate floor: it is with macerate of layer or one multilayer amino resin which is laid on MDF board, HDF etc. man-made board base material, the back side adds balance layer, the front side adds wear-resisting layer, by hot pressing and then molding of the floor. Product name is laminate floor. A graphic illustration of what a laminate wood floor looks like.

Laminate floor still can be classified according to different features . For example by the usage, it can be divided into commercial laminate flooring, housing laminate flooring; by base material board it can be divided into MDF laminate floor and HDF laminate floor; According to the thickness, it can be divided into 7mm laminate flooring, 8mm laminate flooring, 10mm laminate flooring, 11mm laminate flooring, 12mm laminate flooring etc; According to the surface it is divided into Embossed laminated floor, smooth surface wood laminated floor.

After understanding the principle of laminate floor manufacturer and classification, we can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of wood laminated floor. Generally speaking, laminate floor has several major advantages.

5 major advantages

The first major advantage: Laminate floor is not easy to arch after laying. Laminate floor dimension stability is good, the space between each piece is less, in long-term use process, it also will not rise arch easily. This is a very good advantage, home using wooden floor rises arch and the maintenance is very troublesome.

Second advantage: The surface is not easy to be scratched. Laminatefloor surface has the wear-resisting layer of special processing with very high hardness, Even if it is scraped by acerb hard thing it will not leave mark easily.

The third advantage: Anti – fouling and easy maintained. When the stain falls on the surface of the solid wood floor, it easily penetrates and is difficult to remove. But the surface of laminate floor is a special material, fouling can only stay  in the surface which could be cleared up easily.

Fourth advantage: Good visual effect. Laminate floor can copy all sorts of natural wood grain or man-made design, decorative pattern, color and luster. Design and color breed is more, the ground integral effect looks good after laying.

The fifth advantage: Cost-effective. Laminate floor is more cheaper relatively compared with the solid wood floor and solid wood composite floor.

Of course, laminate floor also has two defects, basically are that the foot feels is not so good as solid wood floor, next, it is quite easily immersed by water.

Laminate floor has numerous advantage, naturedly it is popular welcomed by the client very much. There are a lot of laminate flooring manufacturers in China, the technology and scale are not the same, we suggest to buy a big brand and big manufacturers like Prestige Flooring.

Compared with other domestic flooring brands, Prestige laminate flooring series have strong sense of aesthetic design, high praise from users and excellent product quality.


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