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The Maintenance of Laminate Floor

                                        The Maintenance of Laminate Floor


1. After 24 hours of installation, no walking on laminated floor is recommended,  heavy items are only moved into the house after 48 hours.

2, In the area of Laminate Floor, bigger furniture shall located asymmetrically, or it will affect floor freedom flexing.

3, In the progress of moving furniture, unfavorable using leg of iron qualitative furniture to contact wooden floor surface directly; Can be in the place such as desk chair stool and floor contact adds cushion, in order to reduce the degree that chafes the floor.

4. Indoor humidity shall be kept at 40-70%.

When the indoor humidity is less than 40%, appropriate humidification measures should be taken;

When the indoor humidity is more than 70%, appropriate ventilation and moisture removal measures should be taken.

5. Please close the doors and Windows when going out to prevent the rain from soaking the floor and direct sunlight. If pour water on the floor carelessly, you should wipe in time.

6, It is recommended to place a mat on the door to reduce the wear and tear of the floor.

7. Do not use sandpaper to polish or paint the floor surface.

8. When cleaning the floor, please use a vacuum cleaner or wring a slightly wet cloth to wipe along the direction of floor laying, and do not rinse with water.

9, The method that removes floor besmirch should be correct, cannot use the hard thing such as iron to scrape board face.

For special pollution, please use mild neutral cleanser and wet water to wipe, do not use steel wire ball or acid, strong alkali and other chemical solvents to clean the floor.


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